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Unique In Home Lighting Designs

Barrister and Joiner offers a wide variety of unique and rustic lighting designs and lighting accessories for your home. Our styles resemble a rustic yet modern and contemporary look for your in-home lighting. We utilize different industrial materials like reclaimed wood and metal to bring that rustic but contemporary look to your home. All of our lighting fixtures are made from distressed wood, reclaimed wood, and natural wood. They are all handmade from our families team here at Barrister and Joiner. Our reclaimed wood lighting fixtures, cage lights, and farmhouse style accessories are designed to add their own unique feel to your kitchen and living spaces.

Modern Lighting

Materials like reclaimed wood and metal were thought to be outdated but they’re actually re-emerging as modern and contemporary materials for lighting designs. Recycling these materials is not only helpful for our planet but it also allows you to bring a very rustic and unique theme to your home. Here at Barrister and Joiner we incorporate modern technology, themes, and designs to our lighting fixtures and accessories. Our lighting designs that use wood include recessed lighting inside of reclaimed wood creating a unique balance between a rustic farmhouse feel and a contemporary modern look. We love the idea of recycling basic materials into something beautiful and unique like our reclaimed wood beam chandelier. Our ceiling lights are handmade giving all of our lighting fixtures a very unique and personal touch that will compliment any room while really tying together that modern rustic feel you’re looking for.

Contemporary Lighting

We believe that as the world moves towards contemporary lighting, we shouldn’t have to give up that rustic farmhouse feel just to have modern and reliable lighting in our homes. Here at Barrister and Joiner we have taken all of the appealing traits of rustic and industrial material lighting and combined it with the trends and progression of modern day lighting. Our cage lights are designed to provide a vintage look with a modern twist. Our lighting fixtures offer a simple and homely look that compliments the rustic and vintage style theme for any room.

Rustic Lighting

At Barrister and Joiner we love the idea of recycling old materials and turning them into something beautiful and useful. We combine rustic materials like distressed wood and cage lights to make our wood beam lighting fixtures. We utilize other unique materials like cage lights and pendants to make our reclaimed pendant lighting fixtures that add their own industrial yet modern feel to the room. Our lighting designs and accessories are perfect to create the vintage farmhouse feel you’re looking for. Your kitchen is the one of the most dynamic and often used rooms in the house. The way you choose to light your kitchen can have a large effect on the feel of the rest of the house. The pendant lights and beam lights are perfect to create the farmhouse kitchen lighting that will really tie the entire house together.