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Rustic Kitchen Lighting

Rustic Farmhouse Style Kitchen Lighting

Our wooden lighting fixtures are made from reclaimed wood and industrial metals. We use reclaimed and weathered looking wood to create the rustic farmhouse look that is becoming so popular in today’s interior design world. You may think that rustic and modern don’t go together but the farmhouse theme is one of the most sought after styles in today’s market. We handcraft all of our lighting fixtures, housing accessories, and all other items. Our combination of rustic looking materials with modern influenced designs bring a unique farmhouse theme to your home. Our lighting fixtures are designed to enhance your kitchen, bedrooms, and living space.

Rustic Kitchen Island Lighting

Industrial Kitchen Island Lighting

Our fixtures for kitchen island lighting are designed to look rustic and weathered by using industrial materials like metal and reclaimed wood. We have found that our style of kitchen lighting fixtures and accessories pair perfectly with items in your house like wooden cabinets, tile flooring, and hardwood floors to create a vintage farmhouse feel throughout your entire house. Our wooden lighting fixtures are perfect for your kitchen island lighting. Our lighting fixtures can be customized to fit the exact measurements of your island or kitchen table. Our rustic wood pendant light is perfect for your kitchen island lighting. The pendant lights provide superior illumination while the pendant itself adds a lot of personality to your kitchen or living space. We offer industrial cage ceiling lights that add a noticeable modern and rustic feel to your living space. These cage ceiling lights pair ideally with wooden items in your home like chairs, cabinets, and tables.

Modern Kitchen Lighting

Modern Kitchen Lighting

Modern kitchen lighting doesn’t have to be sleek and hidden to compliment your living spaces aesthetics. We believe that how you light your living space is an opportunity to enhance your homes beauty and create the rustic industrial look that will give your home an aesthetically pleasing farmhouse feel to it. Our wooden dining room light fixtures come in many different styles and looks that will be sure to enhance your dining areas furnishing and decor. Our mission at Barrister and Joiner is to create beautiful modern home decor with a rustic and vintage feel to it. We’ve expanded our available items so that you can add Barrister and Joiner home decor to every room and really tie your home together.