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Rustic Wooden Beam Light Fixture

Rustic Wood Beam Light Fixtures

Our rustic wooden beam lighting fixtures are hand made from reclaimed wood to give your home that farmhouse feel. By using reclaimed wooden beams we are able to hand craft our lighting fixtures to make them very unique. Our hanging lights are supported by an industrial looking reclaimed wooden beam. The hanging lights themselves are hung from industrial metal which adds a rustic modern look to your kitchen’s lighting. Some of our hanging light fixtures have cage lights hung from them which really exhibit an industrial style. We carefully select the reclaimed wood we use to start crafting our wooden beam light fixtures. We cut, coat, and create our rustic looking light fixtures from scratch. Our wooden beam industrial style lighting fixtures add the missing element to any room. Here at Barrister and Joiner we offer lighting fixtures and other accessories for every room so that you can keep your home’s theme consistent from room to room.  

Industrial Light Fixtures

Industrial Hanging Light Fixtures

Our handmade hanging light fixtures can bring any room to life. They can add a vintage yet rustic and industrial look to your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even bathroom. We offer home decor and accessories for every room in your house. From reclaimed wooden beam hanging lights to toilet papers holder to art for your living room, we’ve got you covered! Our
wooden dining room light fixtures are handmade with reclaimed wood and cage lights to influence your dining with a farmhouse theme and feel. The use of industrial materials like metal, reclaimed wood, and hanging lights provides your living space with a piece of furniture or lighting that that will be sure to be a topic of conversation.

Our handmade light boxes are the perfect gift for your friend or loved one’s living space. They are customizable and handmade from reclaimed wood. Their vintage style is due to the rustic look of the handmade wooden box. Our wooden light boxes will be sure to add to your homes