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Rustic Pendant Lighting

Rustic, Modern & Industrial Pendant Lighting

Our pendant lights are handmade using reclaimed wood and industrial style metal. They offer a rustic and industrial touch to your home’s room while presenting themselves as a modern piece to your home’s interior decor. Pendant lights are unique and with so many different styles available, you’ll be sure to find one that compliments your home’s kitchen, bathrooms, and living space. We use reclaimed wood as the backbone of the pendant lighting fixtures because we feel that it add a very rustic look to it which in modern day is one of the most popular trends in home decor. All of our wooden lighting fixtures are handmade with reclaimed wood and industrial metal by our team of family members here at Barrister and Joiner. We use these industrial style materials because they add a vintage yet modern look to your home’s theme and interior design.

Reclaimed Wood and Metal Pendant Lighting

Reclaimed Wood & Metal Pendant Lighting

We use reclaimed wood when we build our metal pendant lights because it offers so much more personality and unique detail that you just cannot artificially create. We are huge fans of the look of rustic kitchen lighting because we feel that it adds a new element to your home that standard modern lighting can not offer. Our handmade pendant lights can be made with a variety of cage pendant lights so that you can customize your lighting fixture to perfectly match your home’s interior. Our pendant lights deliver a rustic yet modern look to them which pairs perfectly with your kitchen cabinets, living rooms coffee table, and your dining room hardwood floors.

Handmade Cage Pendant Lighting

Handmade Cage Pendant Lighting

We personally handcraft our cage pendant lights out of rustic materials like reclaimed wood and industrial style metals. This allows us to create a vintage look that is unique and customizable to your home. Industrial and rustic looking materials are in style in modern day interior home decor and our products allow you to transform your home from a plain house to a unique home. Cage pendant lights are sure to add a whole new element to your kitchen and living space. Their bold yet straightforward design presents a rustic industrial look that is unique and modern. Pendant lighting is a versatile style of rustic kitchen lighting that comes in many different styles and looks. This allows you to really add your own personal touch to your home’s interior design